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At last, rapid deployment CCTV Towers often available SAME DAY...

Call us... there's every chance we can help TODAY! With Premium CCTV Towers expect:
  • 99% up time
  • 6 months run time + solar + 5 weeks back up
  • BS8418-ready CCTV equipment availability

Premium CCTV Towers won't let you down...

Last year our CCTV Towers ran for over 350,000 operational hours on more than 150 sites.
Never running out of power! With 99% uptime!
Isn't it time to rethink your temporary security expectations?
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Your Premium CCTV Towers start by getting the basics spot-on

Rapid deployment CCTV towers Hire & Sales


Video surveillance towers with UK delivery and commissioning - CCTV Hire & Sales

UK delivery &

Dual Power Plus -Solar + Fuel Cells + back-up - CCTV Towers Hire & Sales

Power Plus

CE approved and BS8418-ready - CCTV Towers Hire & Sales

CE approved

CCTV towers with remote support - CCTV Hire & Sales


CCTV Towers with 24-7 recording - CCTV Hire & Sales


ARC monitoring CCTV Hire & Sales

ARC monitoring

4 HD cameras with almost 360 degree view - CCTV Hire & Sales

4 HD

Premium CCTV tower and 2 way Audio - CCTV Hire & Sales


Health & Safety - CCTV Hire & Sales

& Safety

Delivery verification - CCTV Hire & Sales


CCTV towers with Thermal and colour cameras - CCTV Hire & Sales

Thermal &
colour cameras

Easy extra revenue - with ZERO investment. Hire your towers from us. Brand them with your logos. Rent to your clients. Simple!

This is what a Premium CCTV Tower product really looks like...

At CCTV Hire & Sales we're on a mission to redefine CCTV Tower standards. That means your CCTV Towers are built to BS8418-ready standards with top-end equipment. Why?
We believe it is crucial to give your customers the temporary site security they crave. Security that reliably detects and deals with intruders, 24/7. Without fuss.

That means… your CCTV Towers live on-site tomorrow or the next working day. GUARANTEED. And even the SAME DAY sometimes!

That's Premium CCTV Towers with the same high performance CCTV system and monitoring as you'd want on a permanent site… only built into our mobile CCTV Tower units.
Premium CCTV Towers deployed tomorrow or next working day GUARANTEED!
Phil Clarke CCTV Hire Sales wht

MD Phil says:

We've got a REG Army fleet of 70+ CCTV Towers ready-to-roll.

Order today, and by tomorrow, your site is protected! Reliable video surveillance ticking along without disruption.

And when the job's done, we're just as quick to collect. No fuss, no hassle, just how you like it.

Premium CCTV Towers that do their job. Without fuss!

Let's talk. Call us: 0114 321 1785
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    3 reasons why you'll love working with CCTV Hire & Sales:
    • Premium reliability: Dual Power Plus & 99% uptime guaranteed
    • Premium quality: the same BS8418-ready equipment as a permanent installation!
    • Rapid deployment: delivered and detecting tomorrow or the next working day

    Beyond site security: 24/7 video surveillance day and night


    Premium CCTV Towers - easy extra revenue

    It's the simple way for Manned Guarding, System Integrators and installation companies to add extra revenue without investment!

    Hire your CCTV Towers from us and then rent them out to your clients. Simple!

    BONUS - we'll brand your tower with your logos!
    Premium CCTV towers for delivery verification - VAN

    Delivery Verification has never been so easy!

    Our towers do more than observe; they provide undeniable proof of deliveries arriving or not!

    From the moment a driver rolls in... to the unloading of the cargo, everything is captured in crisp detail.

    And sigh... disputed deliveries become a thing of the past!
    Premium CCTV towers for health & safety on site - RISK MANAGEMENT

    Health & Safety: you're covered at last!

    Your Premium CCTV Towers capture health & safety compliance in action. 24/7, but if...Something happens

    Any missteps or unsafe behaviour is captured. Trips, slips, or accidents recorded and stored... just in case!

    If the loss adjuster calls... you're covered!

    Your 3-part No-brainer Promise met or... you get 6 months FREE!

    Putting our money where our mouth is...

    The proof of our commitment to redefining the standards of CCTV Towers in the UK is overwhelming. Once you try us. We understand that taking that first step is difficult. 

    So we're making it a no-brainer!

    If we break any of our 3 promises, you get 6 months of our Premium CCTV Tower hire... for FREE. No quibbles. Just ask us. Of course, reasonable terms and conditions apply*. For instance, if a snow hurricane hijacks our next working day deployment... we're exempt!
    No-brainer Promise - Premium CCTV tower Hire & Sales

    Promise #1:

    Rapid deployment

    Your Premium CCTV Tower live on site, tomorrow OR next working day!

    Promise #2:

    ZERO power outage

    6 months fuel cell, Solar panels + 5 weeks backup... as standard!

    Promise #3:

    99% up time

    Maximising your site's protection despite the internet's frailties...
    WOW! I'm interested, tell me more
    Premium by Design - BS8418-ready CCTV towers on-site live and detecting. Tomorrow or the next working day!

    Temporary CCTV services that you and your clients will love...

    Click through to find out more about how our REG Army of Premium CCTV Towers help your clients protect their sites.
    Don't your clients deserve a BS8418-ready CCTV system? On site and live, tomorrow!
    Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers Hire On Site

    CCTV Towers Hire

    Hire your temporary CCTV Towers. Always Premium by Design...
    The same BS8418-ready equipment as a permanent installation!

    Click to find out how you can take control...
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    CCTV Towers For Sale

    Own the same Premium CCTV Towers we hire out
    Your own temporary CCTV system that warns off criminals BEFORE they wreak havoc...
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    Premium CCTV towers hire in the UK On Site

    Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers

    BS8418-ready tower on site and live… tomorrow or the next working day! GUARANTEED
    The REG Army has a fleet of 70+ towers ready to be deployed!
    Tell me more...
    REG Army - Premium by Design CCTV Towers for the same BS8418 level of security you'd expect from a permanent CCTV system

    Everything you expect from a long-term temporary CCTV partnership. And a no-brainer guarantee!

    Installers... this is what our Premium CCTV Towers product and service can do for your clients

    At CCTV Hire & Sales we're on a mission to redefine CCTV Tower standards in the UK. That commitment goes way beyond the top-end equipment we pack into our REG Army towers.

    The service you receive is top-end too. You can expect your Premium BS8418-ready tower on site and live… tomorrow or the next working day! Of course, the price you pay reflects this level of service. But you're making an investment in reliability and trouble free days on site for your clients.

    Breathe a sigh of relief because...

    You can wave goodbye to those awkward calls with disgruntled clients... wondering why the first thing they know about an incident is when they walk into it. Blaming you for the endless headaches from stolen or damaged equipment. Empty fuel store. And 30 workers kicking their heels...
    CCTV Towers delivered tomorrow or the next working day on site

    EMERGENCY! Let down? Need a CCTV Tower fast? We may be able to help, call us...

    Premium service - our commitment to redefining standards means we pull out the stops in an emergency. If we possibly can. Call to find out... 
    Emergency solved - ouch! Someone forgot to order a CCTV Tower for day one. For one client, we tested, packed and deployed the SAME DAY!
    Your client delighted - our client was relieved, delighted and the 'hero of the hour' for their client
    I want to hear more about your CCTV towers

    Transform your clients' temporary security HELL

    Cheap towers offer little to zero reassurance, right?

    Your client’s day of hell starts with missed incidents. Perhaps the theft of crucial equipment? Vandalism? Or an unnoticed accident? 

    As your client’s day continues... there's more worry. Excuses and moaning bosses. Ruining his day-to-day work. 

    Heading home your client is still worrying "What security horrors, will tomorrow bring?" 

    A taste of 'permanent' security HEAVEN

    Instead with premium towers, your client arrives on site to a 'boring' secure premises. Protected round-the-clock by top-end 360-degree coverage. From next-generation Dual Vision cameras. And 24/7 ARC monitoring. 

    The working day plods along, with every corner of site covered. So even the slightest mishap is caught... before it ends in catastrophe!

    He leaves site confident. Happy he chose you!

    No silver or bronze ONLY Premium

    Reassuringly priced... There's no silver or bronze option. Everyone pays a fixed-price for a premium product AND service. Simple!

    Whatever your rental period, you won't pay another penny, unless your tower is damaged.

    It’s a bit like leasing a top-end car... but for CCTV towers!
    Just want to say a BIG THANKS to Phil Clarke & Alex Clarke for building a CCTV Tower for us at RED DAM Group.

    Excellent service, brilliant knowledge, straight talking and delivered the end result. This will be the beginning of a long lasting relationship I'm sure
    David Mylett, Managing Director 
    Risk-free - you're protected by our No-brainer promise. No quibbles. If we break any of our 3-part promise... you get 6 months FREE!

    Premium CCTV Towers... sounds great but I bet they're NOT cheap

    Premium CCTV hire - 250 per week

    REG Army CCTV Towers, Premium by Design and reassuringly priced...

    Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. Driving a luxury saloon is very different to a cheap banger with a brand name you don't recognise, right?

    Like an old banger, your mediocre CCTV Tower won't get the job done. But will make you look silly to your clients... Whereas our REG Army of premium towers just tick over doing their job. And don't let you down.

    Remember, there's no silver or bronze option. Everyone pays the same fixed price. In return for a premium product AND service. Better still, with ZERO hidden extras. You won't pay another penny, unless your tower is damaged. 

    It’s like leasing a luxury car... but for CCTV Towers. And, of course, your clients will be delighted too!
    I want to know more about your Premium CCTV Towers

    3 more reasons why the REG Army will ALWAYS be your best choice for hiring and buying Premium CCTV Towers

    Premium by Design - to handle the best equipment

    Redefining expectations includes never compromising on equipment regardless of the power consumption. You get:

    Next-gen 'dual vision' thermal/colour cameras
    Onboard 24/7 HD recording kept for a minimum 30 days
    Dual Power Plus: 6 months run time + solar + 5 weeks back up, provides that extra power

    Over 500kg of robust anti-criminal security!

    The REG Army of CCTV Towers are built like the proverbial outhouse. No-one will smash it to bits or knock it over to disable it. Solid enough for a permanent site!

    And they're TRU wind-certified. Built to withstand even the most violent winter storms - whether you buy a tower or hire!

    Turnkey - fully managed service

    Your premium service includes EVERYTHING:
    • RAMS and risk assessment done for you
    • deployed tomorrow (or next working day)
    • branded with your logos
    • fully maintained
    • collection service included
    We have CCTV Towers available. If you're stuck we may be able to test, pack and deploy the SAME DAY! Call us to see if we can help!

    Not all CCTV Towers are built the same...

    Not every temporary CCTV Tower hire company works as hard as us to deliver the level of service your customers crave. We're on a mission to redefine CCTV Tower standards... and it shows. 

    Is it any wonder that so many savvy installation companies are switching to Premium by Design temporary CCTV Towers?
    Our temporary CCTV Towers: Premium by Design Competitors: mediocre temporary video surveillance
    Seamless, rapid deployment - live, on your site tomorrow... or the next working day! Limited availability. Pedestrian delivery. Usually late without even an explanation
    Family business. Everyone is trained in-house. Building partnerships your clients love! Tower dropped on site, late... Signed for. And gone. Job done?
    Onboard HD recording 24 hours a day Recording switched off during the day to save power OR storage space
    Dual Power Plus - Solar, 6 month fuel cells plus 5 weeks back up Reliance on solar power results in outages when the weather misbehaves
    Weekly remote check-in to ensure your system is fully operational No check-in. No regular remote support. Praying for good luck
    Remote monitoring means if anything is wrong, we’ll fix it in a flash Your CCTV tower goes offline. You don't find out until your client calls you to complain about a missed incident
    Robust, 24/7 site protection with onboard 2-way audio Security vulnerabilities exposed. Cheap tower is easily disabled - zero site protection
    Next generation thermal and colour cameras! On board. As standard in ALL new builds! Cheapest possible cameras to keep costs down
    Trusted service and support at a reassuring price Cheap as chips. And a poor service/support to match
    Fixed price premium service. You don't pay another penny, unless your tower is damaged Extras charged for everything they can get away with...
    BS8418-ready systems with top-end equipment. Properly maintained so it won't let you down Cheap, unreliable equipment. Delivered and forgotten about until the project is complete
    24/7 ARC monitoring & 2-way audio deters criminals BEFORE an incident occurs Relies on CCTV footage AFTER an incident and prays for no power outages
    I want to know more about your premium CCTV towers

    Premium CCTV equipment like you'd expect on a permanent site

    HoneywellHikvisionVictron Energy logoTelescopic Masts logoEfoy log
    I want premium CCTV towers tomorrow!

    Rapid deployment means exactly that when you partner with CCTV Hire & Sales

    Call CCTV Hire & Sales

    Contact us to get started

    Discuss with CCTV Hire & Sales

    Discuss your site security needs

    Deployed & Live tomorrow - CCTV Hire & Sales

    Premium CCTV tomorrow!

    I want rapid deployment premium CCTV towers risk-free!

    Expect your partnership with CCTV Hire & Sales to look like this...

    Genuine Rapid Deployment - expect your CCTV Tower live on site, detecting and deterring tomorrow OR the next working day
    99% uptime - who else provides such dependable temporary CCTV systems with consistent security coverage?
    Premium by Design - don't settle for less. CCTV Towers designed for security experts prioritising effective solutions over cheap options
    Customisable branding - your CCTV Towers can feature your client's logo and contact details for brand visibility on site
    Industry standards met - our CCTV Towers are BS8418-ready for reliability, performance and delighted clients
    Robust BUILD - TRU wind-certified CCTV Towers built to withstand even the harshest winter storms
    Premium customer support - expect high-quality customer support and service. Rapid deployment, remote system monitoring and collection services
    Keeping standards sky-high - we never subcontract. We're a family business making it easy to keep quality of support as Premium as the CCTV Towers!
    Weekly remote double check-in - ensures your system is fully operational even if your site arrangement has changed! If anything is wrong, we fix it in a flash
    Fixed price premium service - you don't pay another penny, unless your tower is damaged!
    Redefining temporary CCTV equipment - BS8418-ready equipment with Dual Vision thermal cameras!
    Premium Power Source - no more power outages with our Dual Power Plus system. 6 month fuel cell run time, solar panels + 5 weeks back up
    Reassuringly priced - there's no silver or bronze, everyone gets a fixed price premium service. It’s like leasing a top-end car… but for CCTV Towers
    Reg Army never* fails - last year our CCTV Towers ran for over 350,000 operational hours on more than 150 sites. Without ever running out of power!
    Backup security power - 5 weeks of backup power means your security will not be compromised by loss of power, no matter what
    Relentless reliability - rely on our 99% uptime for unbreakable security coverage, ensuring your site is never left unprotected
    Intelligent video surveillance - video analysis, 24/7 onboard HD recording, 4G connectivity, remote monitoring and 2-way audio 
    Continuous innovation - our commitment to Premium by Design ensures that your security is always cutting edge e.g. Bi-Spectrum thermal cameras!
    Premium Promise - with a 12 month or longer contract we’ll meet our promise; rapid deployment, 99% uptime and ZERO power outages. Or you get 6 months free!*
    I'm interested. Tell me more about how you can help
    Premium CCTV Towers that do their job. Without fuss
    Just want to say a BIG THANKS to Phil Clarke & Alex Clarke for building a CCTV Tower for us at RED DAM Group.

    Excellent service, brilliant knowledge, straight talking and delivered the end result. This will be the beginning of a long lasting relationship I'm sure
    David Mylett, Managing Director 

    Ensure your clients get the hassle-free, reliable site security they crave...

    Drop us a line. We're ready to help you provide hassle-free temporary site security

      We use the information you provide to contact you about our CCTV Tower services. You may unsubscribe at any time. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

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