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ANPR & Access Control

ANPR Systems, CitySync ANPR, Access Control and Barrier Control

Highly Accurate ANPR Systems

The Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems available through CCTV Hire and Sales will read licence plate numbers even when the vehicles are moving at high speeds. Our ANPR systems enable you to monitor multiple lanes of traffic, with each vehicle’s number plate recorded and logged onto the system’s database.

Our ANPR systems have a high accuracy rate and are reliable in the dark, even with the glare from headlights. They can also detect the colour of a vehicle and its make and model.

Our 30 years of experience in the electronic security sector has been spent specialising in remotely monitored ANPR and CCTV systems. You can rely on CCTV Hire and Sales to provide you with the best customer service and provide you with all the temporary and short-term CCTV and ANPR hire needs.

ANPR Systems
ANPR and access control

Systems For All Locations and

Police and security professionals are constantly in need of high performance ANPR cameras for both mobile and fixed applications. Civil enforcement measures will also include ANPR technology, helping to create efficient transport networks including bus lane enforcement, box junction enforcement and traffic lights enforcement.

Number plate recognition technology is also vital for flexible parking management systems, with both free flow and access-controlled car parks massively benefitting from ANPR systems. They are quickly becoming an integral part of all city-wide safety and security systems and CCTV Hire and Sales can provide you with the exact ANPR technology you need.

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