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CCTV Installation and Maintenance, Temporary CCTV and Short Term CCTV Hire

Short Term CCTV Hire

The temporary hire of a CCTV system is the ideal security solution for events where the activity of attendants needs to be monitored on a short-term basis. You can trust CCTV Hire and Sales to provide a variety of options to suit large open spaces, car parks and sports grounds which makes them ideal for outdoor events and festivals.

Such occasions usually require a subtle presence with unobtrusive cameras that won’t constantly remind everyone that they are being monitored. The likes of speed dome cameras are an excellent choice for these fun events as they do not obviously show which direction the lens is pointing. This allows everyone to get on with enjoying themselves without that feeling of being watched.

short term cctv hire
temporary cctv hire

Temporary CCTV

There can also be a need for more visible temporary CCTV camera installations such as on construction sites and agricultural locations. If an area will be untended for a significant time then a larger and more visible CCTV system will provide additional security to the site for however long is required. Not only will it record the activity of any intruders, but the more obvious camera installations will also serve as a major deterrent.

Whether you need to enhance the safety and security of your event attendees with a subtle approach, or you want a highly visible CCTV system to deter trespassers, then CCTV Hire and Sales has the electricity-powered or power-free solution for you.

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